Scott Road Team Boa shoes

Performance-oriented cyclists will find the SCOTT Road Team BOA® shoes perfect for good pedalling response and long-distance comfort. The shoes have a well-shaped asymmetrical microfibre upper and a BOA® IP-1 adjustment system at the top. Combined with a lower anatomical fit strap, it adapts to the shape of the foot. To support the sole, the ErgoLogic insole is equipped with an arch support and a metatarsal insert. The injected composite sole has an extended micrometric tilt adjustment and a rigidity index of 8.


  • Usage: Road
  • Stiffness index 8
  • BOA® adjustment system
  • Removable ErgoLogic insole
  • Strap for anatomical fit
  • Outsole: Nylon/glass fibre composite, Sticki rubber/rigidity index 8
  • Upper: Synthetic polyurethane, Air mesh 3D


Ergologic Fit

Foot zoning allows us to consider the anatomical shape of the foot and ergonomically pre-shape our insoles for a perfect fit to support the cyclist's foot. This provides a stable foundation for improved comfort and power transfer.

Wrap Fit

ErgoLogic Wrap Fit upper incorporates a structural layer of synthetic leather which conforms to the foot like a second skin. The construction is comprised of two parts: the structural layer and the accu-form butted seams. This system provides a supportive structure that is comfortable and free of pressure points.

Performance Fit

Just as no two people are alike neither are their feet. It was important to create shoes that are a supportive stable platform for maximum performance and all day comfort. A shoe that can adapt to a wide range of feet and offer a glove like fit.