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ProAction Carbo Sprint NRG Plus dietary supplement

Energy and rehydration

Carbo Sprint NRG Plus is an all-new complete dietary supplement based on carbs, b6 vitamins, taurine, caffeine, magnesium and potassium, to satisfy augmented integration requirements during ensurance activities.

This is the most complete product actually in ProAction line because it guatantees to the athlete at the same time:

  • Immediate energetic effects with caffeine and taurine
  • Long lasting energy thanks to maltodextrines
  • correct hydration with magnesium and potassium

Carbo Sprint NRG Plus is made of chewable tablets like a candy, perfect to be used during team sports and also without water bottle.

Carbo Sprint NRG Plus is extremely practise and portable with his small pack; easy to use for road and mountain bikers, runners and triathletes.

1 stick = 40 g (10 tabs)