Iron-Ic Performance 3.3 baselayer

Long-sleeved underwear jersey with a new design specially conceived for technical use. Iron-ic logo on neck, both sleeves and back. Anatomical structure and pattern to aid breathability. Perfect fit thanks to patented I-band.


  • Ideal for: outdoor, wintersport.
  • Temperature: -5° C / +20° C.
  • Category: performance.
  • Technology: 3DN Advance.
  • Material: expyra light.
  • 65% polyamide 30% polypropylene 5% elastane.


3DN advance
3DN advance is the technical evolution of the 3DN concept. Designed for garments to be used in difficult climatic conditions, its characteristics make it efficient in all situations. With 3DN advance, the inserts increase in density, guaranteeing a dual effect: It maximises air exchange, improving thermoregulation; It increases the fabric's expansion capacity, allowing the garment to mould itself precisely to the athlete's body.