Castelli Sorpasso Ros bibtight

Made for long hours in the widest range of conditions, this tight features our ultra-stretchy, warm and water-repellent Nano Flex 3G fabric with the extra warmth of Nano Flex Xtra Dry on the hips and thighs, along with an anatomical cut and the Progetto X2 Air seamless seat pad for long-distance comfort.

The name of this tight, Sorpasso, means overtaking in Italian. That's what they've tried to do with this tight, to make it a bit faster, better, more comfortable. It's made to be technical equipment for riding in the widest range of winter conditions. The main part of the tight uses the Nano Flex 3G fabric, the third generation of the nanotechnology fabric treatment that adds a high level of water repellency without affecting the breathability, stretch or warmth of the fabric. You get a highly stretchy, compressive fit that moves with you, focusing on warmth and comfort. But then they add a few panels of the Nano Flex Xtra Dry fabric to provide a bit more wind protection and warmth in the front panel and over the thighs, and in the back for extra protection from road spray. It's not only about the fabrics: anatomical patterning gives a bend at the knee and the hip, while the seamless bib straps lie flat and securely keep everything in place. The generously padded Progetto X2 Air seamless seat pad make long rides more comfortable, and you have multiple reflective panels to keep you visible. They've designed this as the go-to tight for a full winter's riding.


  • Nano Flex 3G fabric for the best mix of warmth, stretchy compression, softness and water repellency.
  • Nano Flex Xtra Dry fabric panel on upper front and thighs for extra warmth, and on back to protect from road spray.
  • Anatomic cut to hips and knee.
  • Reflective inserts for maximum visibility from behind.
  • Lie-flat elastic bib straps.
  • YKK® Camlock® zippers at ankles.
  • Temperature range: 0°-12 °C / 32°-54°F.
  • Manufacturer weight: 302 g.


Nano Flex

Exclusively engineered by Castelli. They took their thermal fleecy stretch Thermoflex fabric and coat it with millions of tiny nanofilaments to create the most water-repellent fabric finish ever. Drops of water stay as spherical balls on top of the fabric or bounce off the fabric without leaving a trace.

YKK Zipper

The right balance between elegance and colour, strength and endurance. YKK Nylon coil zip fit the most difficult fabrics and delicate applications in footwear and sportswear.

Progetto X2 Air

Maximum technology for supreme comfort. constructed in two components, each dedicated to a specific purpose, that together create the most comfortable seat pad on the planet. A four-way stretch, microdenier, seamless, bacteriostatic layer made to adapt to the shape of your body and saddle without any folds in the fabric. Air flows right into the surface fabric to aid evaporation. Seamless Integrated Technology Cushioning Layer. The thickness of the pad is engineered to place the padding where you need it most for maximum comfort. Perforated viscous padding is added under the highly sensitive ishial and perineum pressure areas.