Castelli Entrata Woman Bibtight

"Less is more' is the concept behind these tights. With quality fabrics, a soft pad and a low-seam design, you'll simply stay warm and comfortable in all but the coldest conditions with this bibtight.

The Entrata Bibtight reflects the same obsessive drive for functionality, comfort and performance seen in all Castelli bibtights, combined with fabrics and components that were top of the range a few years ago. Thermoflex fabric was considered a breakthrough, the best you could get, until a decade ago when Castelli developed Nano Flex and added water repellency. If you don't ride in cold, wet conditions, you'll appreciate the luxurious warmth and elasticity of this fabric. The tights have minimal seams for maximum comfort and the KISS Air2 Women's pad features generous padding and quite possibly the softest fabric surface in the industry. It's everything you need to comfortably enjoy dry winter rides.


  • Fit: Comfortable.
  • Temperature: 6°C - 14°C / 43°F - 57°F.
  • Thermoflex fabric for warmth and comfort.
  • KISS Air2 Women's pad provides excellent cushioning without excessive bulk.
  • Mesh braces.
  • Ankle zips for easy donning and doffing.



A new improved shape, high-density foam and softer fabric make the KISS pad more comfortable than ever. Seamless protective layer: the softest fabric next to the skin for immediate and lasting comfort. Perfectly designed to reduce chafing and abrasion. Elastic to move with you. Dual density infinitely variable thickness: infinitely variable dual density thickness offers perfect cushioning in every part of the pad. Maximum thickness and density in the ischial bone area, medium under the perineum and minimum in the perimeter area. Anatomical shape: comfort is further improved by creating a perfect interface for your body during every push on the pedals.


Thermoflex provides some wind protection while offering excellent insulation thanks to the brushed fleece inside. Thermoflex is also surprisingly lightweight and stretchy, making for unusually comfortable garments.

Nano Flex

Exclusively engineered by Castelli. They took their thermal fleecy stretch Thermoflex fabric and coat it with millions of tiny nanofilaments to create the most water-repellent fabric finish ever. Drops of water stay as spherical balls on top of the fabric or bounce off the fabric without leaving a trace.