Assos Mille GT Winter Bib Tights C2 2023

The evolution of comfort with the winter jumpsuit, redefined with improved thermal insulation and a thicker, softer pad

The new RX EVO Plus is the most insulating fabric in the RX EVO family. Its characteristic of excellent thermal insulation allows this bibshorts to cope with even lower temperatures than the old MILLE Winter Tights model, shortening the thermal gap with the ULTRAZ model, without the risk of overheating. The good breathability also guarantees
a warm and dry microclimate. This new C2 model is equipped with the new MILLE GT C2 pad: 2mm more soft comfort for those who want to keep their performance stable over long distances or train for the next season.

Special features
RX EVO Plus is the most thermally insulating fabric in the RX EVO family. It is an anti-odour material that gently wraps around the legs instead of forcing them down. The ladderproof fabric offers more abrasion resistance and keeps its black colour even when the material is under tension. The aerodynamic regularFit cut that conforms to the body reduces the pack to a single seam, eliminating chafing for total comfort. The minimalist raw cut design at the waist and ankles wraps gently, reducing bulk.


Louvre Tec
Preformed cut to fit behind the knee and reduce excess fabric to prevent creases and wrinkles when cycling.

ZeroPressure Waist
A new waist construction, developed with a soft, highly elastic material to improve comfort and keep the shorts snug at the waist, without pressure or irritation.

A braces system with an A-shaped structure, inspired by the Equipe RSR summer model, prevents the bib shorts from sliding down the lower back while stabilising the pad and main panel.

MILLE GT C2 INSERT - Shock-Absorb Damping Mono
Layers of compression foam encased in an 11 mm structure created for endurance use. The thermoformed structure reduces wrinkles and irritation.

Seams that secure the pad at the front and back, allowing the pad to gently follow the movements of your body.

3D Waffle
A patented three-layer perforated foam that increases breathability and eliminates excess weight.