Assos GTO Winter Dermasensor base layer

The pinnacle of base layer technology, with added insulation and extended neck coverage for winter cycling. Seamless, breathable, stretchable, durable, and odor-resistant—a high-performance second skin. Everything a standard base layer does, the DermaSensor does better. Breathability, extreme stretch, compression—no other material transforms the rider like this. Its true seamless construction means that it also layers better than any other base layer, disappearing between skin and thermal layers or winter jackets as a frictionless second skin to maintain a dry, warm microclimate in frigid conditions.

Featured fabrics
DermaSensor textiles are technologically advanced 3D jacquard warp-knit materials produced as single, finished garments rather than as separate panels that are then sewn together. They provide exceptional softness, breathability, stretch, durability, and odor resistance.

Our streamlined regularFit provides total comfort for long training rides and layering under thermal insulation and winter jackets. The extended collar adds throat coverage in cold conditions.


  • Composition: 45% Polyamide, 43% Polyester 12% Elastane.
  • Elastic and resistant.
  • Breathable.