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$ 31.92
When everything but the kitchen sink is all that will suffice, you need the EMT 12 Tool. With 12 different tools, you'll be prepared to fix whatever bad luck mechanical the road or trail decides to...


$ 18.36
If lightweight, minimalist, and wallet-friendly are at the top of your tool priority list, look no further than the EMT 6 Tool. With six different bits, you'll have plenty to manage common roadside...


$ 22.50
With nine different corrosion-resistant bits, the EMT 9 Tool has all the tools you need for almost any repair. Features Forged aluminum side plates. Forged steel bits are nickel plated for co...


$ 122.41
The MTB XC Kit is the complete SWAT™ technology solution for mountain bike riding. This kit seamlessly integrates storage, water, air, and tools with any SWAT™-prepped Specialized mountain bike. Th...


$ 112.05
PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED TO FIT ANT HEADSET AND 1-PIECE BB CUP - BB30 SYSTEM The fast and easiest tool ever for the difficult job of headset cup and 1-piece bottom bracket cup alignement and instal...


$ 137.47
Art. 180 BIS is a technical and innovative item that allows to check saddle height misure, top tube length, seat tube length, chain stay and distance between hub and central movement. This thanks a...

Effetto Mariposa

$ 8.39
Caffélatex Injector This syringe injects Caffélatex sealant through the valve, in a controlled, fast and clean way. CHARACTERISTICS:Multi-valve: works for both Presta (removing or not the valve-c...


$ 9.88
The digital pressure gauge is very precise, measuring pressures up to 11 bar and is suitable for both Schrader and Presta valves. It will also function with Schwalbe’s ‘classic’ bicycle valve. Tip:...


$ 12.14
3 sizes bottom bracket wrench.Designed for the installation and removal of Shimano Hollowtech II external BB, BB-9000 and BBR60. Compatible with Dura Ace 11s, Ultegra 11s, 105 11s and XTR 11s.

J Sport

$ 3.68
The design and dimensions of this tool adapts perfectly to any bicycle. The double sided cone wrench has a remarkable toughness, hardness, durability and tight fit. The ergonomic shape ensures good...

J Sport

$ 6.26
Contains 8mm Hex Key for Crank Bolts and Crank Arms Removal.Patented Interchangeable Adaptor fits both SQUARED and HOLLOW Axle.


$ 20.62
An essential tool on a workbench Professional tool that combines several mount functions: the construction allows you to mount the Press-Fit bottom brackets up to BB92 with bearing diameters from ...

Super B

$ 24.95
The versatile digital scale is designed to measure accurate weight bikes, frames, and components. Silicon coated hanging hook, plus dual position The weight limit of the 0-10 5gr accuracy, 10-50k...

Super B

$ 8.95
2 in 1 chain checker and chain hook function TB-3326 is made from high grade steel and made by laser cut. One side is chain wear indicators. A chain reaches .0.75% and 1% wear, which most mechan...


$ 3.30
Tool for Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 bottom bracket installation Shimano recommends the use of the tools with these combinations:-TL-FC24 + TL-FC32 -TL-FC24 + TL-FC36.

J Sport

$ 12.70
Fork Cutting Clamp, compatible with 1", 1" 1/8 and 1" 1/4 tubes.Plate to fix it to the work bench.

J Sport

$ 13.08
Perfect for the serious mechanic. Made from high quality steel providing thousands of clean housing and cable cuts.Size-adjustable grip.

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Great prices and really fast delivery

Ordered parts on Tuesday evening and have arrived in Colorado USA on Friday morning! Great communication. Well done!

Feb 22, 2019
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