Bags and Rucksacks

Ranging from road to mountain biking, there is always something to take with you, being it tools, spare parts or clothing. It is often said "why should I carry weight that can instead be transported by bicycle?". So that's the common thread of why they developed travel bags, backpacks and saddle bags. On trail rides often mountain bikers don't want to get their hands of the handlebars for some hydration, here backpacks with integrated water bags can come handy to avoid wasting time in search of the water bottle and perhaps risking of falling. Whether it's a holiday trip or a race, we want our trusty bike to accompany us everywhere and to do that we need to protect it while travelling by train, plane or car using a specific bicycle bag, becoming an absolute must have.







LOVE Lordgun! Send me an MTB shirt or stickers

I’ve bought plenty of MTB stuff from Lordgun from tires to tools. Only thing I wish is a better UX such as better filters used on their website. But that goes for most online stores. It’s still my ...

Feb 28, 2024

The best service I've ever had

Ordered a new cassette on Thursday Feb 17, received item on Monday, Feb 19th. Fabulous service!

Feb 19, 2024

All went well

Nice website, great prices and fast shipment!

Feb 06, 2024