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Are you afraid of getting frustrated by your unfamiliarity with GPS cycling computer? With Rider 10 GPS cycling computer, your worry would disappear completely. Rider 10 is designed to make sure you can record every moment of ride while putting all the energy into enjoying riding and training instead of wasting them on complicated installation, difficult operation and high price. No speed sensor installation required, Rider 10 features super easy set up, just Power ON and GO. Intuitive 3 buttons design helps users pick up in no time. For your best viewing experience, its 2” display is 50% larger than your average traditional cycling computers. It also syncs seamlessly with BLE Speed, Cadence, and Heart Rate sensors providing up to 29 functions (programmable via Bryton Mobile app). Rider 10 supports In-coming calls , Emails and Texts Notifications, as well as Bryton app for easy BT Sync and STRAVA, TrainingPeaks Auto Sync to compare and compete with millions other users. Quick installation, simple operation, large display and high performance are all in one compact Rider 10. It is definitely the one ensure you have more benefits at less cost.


  • Exquisite GPS Cycling Computer.
  • High-sensitivity GPS receiver for fast positioning.
  • No speed sensor installation needed. Just power on and go.
  • IPX7 waterproof.
  • Large and easy-to-read display.
  • 5 customizable data screen with maximum of 4 data per page.
  • Built-in barometer for training with terrain.
  • One second recording and Auto Pause.
  • Compatible with BLE Heart Rate, Speed, Cadence sensors for advance training.
  • Auto backlight for night rides.
  • Low sensors battery notification.
  • Support phone calls, emails, texts notifications.
  • Support Bryton Mobile App for customizable data grid, altitude calibration, analyzing and sharing tracks.
  • Strava,TrainingPeaks Auto Sync your activities seamlessly from Bryton Mobile App.

Power On and Go
No more setting for wheel size, time and unit; no more installation and pairing with speed sensor. Using GPS for accurate speed measurement, Rider 10 gets it all covered. Just get the device mounted onto the bike mount, turn it on and you are good to go. Get involved and enjoy the cycling. Rider 10 will take care of the rest.

Know Your Altitude
With built-in barometer, Rider 10 displays complete relative altitude data for your current location, allowing you to observe altitude and temperature difference and make adjustment accordingly. Rider 10 makes it easy for you to calibrate altitude. After simple pairing with Bryton app, you can simply calibrate altitude on your phone.

Auto Backlight
Based on longitude and latitude of your location, backlight function will be activated before sunset automatically, allowing you to ride wherever and whenever.

Low Sensor Battery Notifications
When a sensor is having low battery, its data on the display blinks as a notification reminding you to charge it, so you’ll be ready for your next workout.

Smart Notifications
No need to worry about missing any important phone calls, emails or texts during riding. Rider 10 notifies you whenever you receive phone calls, emails or text messages after pairing with your smart phone via BLE. (Available on iOS and will be available on android phones soon).

Sync to Bryton App
Enjoy the seamless over-the-air synchronization with the new Bryton app. Your tracks and workout data can be synced via Bluetooth from the device to Bryton app, where you can view progress, graphical analysis and share rides on social media. With simple setup, STRAVA ,TrainingPeaks Auto Sync also makes it easier for you to share your activities to STRAVA ,TrainingPeaks and compare with millions. Altitude Calibration is available for maintaining data accuracy on your device. Users will also enjoy the Notification function of incoming call and text message, just pair your smart phone and your device via BLE, and you are good to go.

What's in the box

  • Rider 10 main unit.
  • Cadence sensor.
  • USB Cable.
  • Bike Mount.
  • Quick start guide.

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